Problems downloading and installing Android Apps

Our Android apps, like all apps in the Google Play store, are delivered by Google through a combination or Google Internet servers and the Google Play app – if you have problems downloading an Android app Google do provide some information at the follow web-page:

Before contacting us with any issues with our apps please make sure that you have tried the following procedures:

  1. Uninstall any installed but not functioning copy of the app.
  2. Check that you have sufficient free storage space available in your device (Hazard Perception inclusive Apps: ~1.4GB, Theory Test Apps: ~40MB) via the “Settings” app in the “Storage” category.
    If you insufficient storage space available, either uninstall some apps that you don't use/need or delete some files (e.g. music, videos, documents) from the device.
    Expansion Memory:
    • If you've added an SD card to provide additional storage then be aware that our apps can only use this expansion memory if your device runs Android 6 or later and you reformat the SD card as "internal" memory (rather than the default "portable" memory) but doing so will delete anything already stored on the SD card and the SD card won't then work in any other device until reformatted as "portable" memory again.
      You can read more about this in this article.
  3. Restart your device, without starting any apps wait for the Wi-Fi connection to the internet to be established – we recommend you download the app via Wi-Fi rather than mobile data because Wi-Fi is faster, more stable (loss of connection during app or supplemental data download will cause errors) and less likely to incur additional usage costs.
    Because of this Google Play will normally not download any of our larger apps which include the Hazard Perception function unless you are connected via Wi-Fi.
    If you get “Waiting for network” (particularly if you’re connected via 4G) then please do try via Wi-Fi – there are several reports on the Internet of 4G app download stalling in this state.
  4. Start the Google Play app, locate the specific app you’ve purchased and select to download and install it again (you should not be required to pay – if you are then you’ve probably selected the wrong app,  or are using a different Google Play account).
    • Check your device's Date and Time are set correctly (see below).
    • Changing your screen to not sleep (or set the maximum period before sleep) via "Settings, Display, Sleep" or otherwise touch the screen periodically while the supplemental download takes place so that the screen remains active.
    • The Hazard Perception inclusive apps download supplemental data.  This additional (obb) file  is downloaded (depending on your Android version) either as part of the initial pre-installation download or when the app is first started. We recommend that you go through the "install > start > download supplemental data" process for each app one at a time.

If that doesn’t help, and the download is sticking/stalling, then it might be an issue with the Google Play app:

  • Check the date and time on your phone is correct. Often this is set automatically, from the telephone network, but you can set it manually as follows:
    • Select "Settings"
    • Select "Date & Time"
    • Set "Automatic date & time" to "Off"
    • Accurately set the date and time manually
  • Try clearing the cache for "Google Play Store", "Google Play services" and (if present) "Google Services Framework" (this is reported to fix "Error 495", "Error 492", "Error 925", "Error 192", "Error 910" and others):
    • Select "Settings"
    • Select "Apps" (or "Applications")
    • Select "All Apps"
    • For each of the apps "Google Play Store", "Google Play services" and (if present) "Google Services Framework":
      • Scroll to find and select the app
      • Select "Storage"
      • Select "Clear Cache" (some reports also suggest selecting "Clear Data" but doing so may require you to redefine your google play account email address)
  • If Google Play is reporting "Error 0" then this has been reported to be caused by incorrectly configured app permissions for the "Google Play Store" and/or "Google Play Services" apps which can be checked and corrected as follows on Android 8:
    1. Touch "Settings"
    2. Touch "Apps & Notifications"
    3. Touch "App Info"
    4. Find and touch the "Google Play Store" app listing
    5. Touch "Permissions"
    6. Usually "SMS" and "Telephone" are on, "Contacts" and "Location" are off.
      If your settings aren't the same, change them.
    7. Touch "Back"
    8. Touch "Back"
    9. Find and select the "Google Play Services" app listing
    10. Touch "Permissions"
    11. Usually all the permissions are on: "Body sensors", "Calendar", "Camera", "Contacts", "Location", "Microphone", "SMS", "Storage", "Telephone".
      If your settings aren't the same, change them
    12. Touch "Back"
    13. Touch "Back"
    14. Touch "Back"
    15. Touch "Back"
    16. Close Settings
  • If you can’t download any apps you may wish to uninstall “Google Play Store app Updates” via Settings → Applications → All (tab), scroll down and tap “Google Play Store”, then “Uninstall updates”.  Then try downloading apps again.
    This has been noted to resolve issues such as "Error 192", "Error 905", "Error 906" and "Error 924" reported during the app download process.
  • Try resetting your app preferences (but note this will reset all disabled apps, disabled app notifications, default applications for actions and background data restrictions for apps):
    • Select "Settings"
    • Select "Apps" (or "Applications")
    • Touch the three dot/bar menu icon (often top right/left of the screen) and select "Reset app preferences"

If you still have problems, or just want to try starting the download in a different way, and have access to a separate computer you could try the following alternative method to get the app downloaded:

  1. Start a web-browser on a PC.
  2. Browse to
  3. Click the “Sign in” button in the upper right corner.
  4. Enter the email address with which you purchased the app and the associated password.
  5. Browse to one of the following, depending on the app you've purchased:
  6. Click the “Install” or “Installed” button - so long as you're logged in to Google with the account that has already purchased the app you won’t be prompted to pay.
  7. Select the device onto which you want to install the app from the list of devices available.
  8. Click the “Install” button.
  9. Click the “OK” button.

Shortly after you do the above, so long as your selected mobile Android device is connected to the Internet, the app should start downloading to your mobile device.

If your Android app shows "Hold Tight...", Black Screen In Place Of Videos Or "Failed To Play Video To Image" Error Message, also refer to this article.

If you are still having issues please contact us providing as much information as possible to aid a speedy response.

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