When or after downloading I am unable to install

Some users are reporting that they can not find the installation file once they have finished downloading.

Though we do submit our installers to most popular anti-virus companies for "whitelisting" this can happen if your antivirus is quarantining the file as it does not recognise it. This is called a false positive, whereby an antivirus will quarantine a file as it believes it to be potentially unsafe as it does not recognise it.

If you are unable to install or find the installation file as a result of this you will need to either:

  • Define an exception in your Anti-Virus software to ignore the downloaded installer.
  • Restore the quarantined downloaded installer from your Anti-Virus software's quarantine area.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus, download the installation file again, install the product and then re-enable your antivirus.

For instructions on how to do each of the above, please refer to your Anti-Virus software's user guide and/or help files.

If have problems, please contact us for further assistance

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