My antivirus has warned me that there is a virus in the application

Some users are reporting that they can not find the installation file once they have finished downloading. This may be because your antivirus is quarantining the file as it does not recognise it. This is called a false positive, whereby an antivirus will quarantine a file as it believes it to be potentially unsafe as it does not recognise it.

Whilst we work hard to ensure all the antivirus companies have our software to add to their database we cannot guarantee that every single one will.

Our software has been certified by major antivirus companies such as Norton, Kaspersky and AVG.

Please make sure that your antivirus is completely up to date.

If you are unable to install or find the installation file as a result of this you will need to temporarily disable your antivirus, download the installation file again, install the product and then re-enable your antivirus.

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