"The operation cannot be performed because the pins are not connected. (80040209)" error reported when play Hazard Perception videos

This usually happens when your PC is using a Windows default display device driver. The program uses DirectX technology and requires a display device that supports DirectX, and has the correct driver installed.

When no correct driver is installed, Windows uses a basic non-directx VGA driver. The only solution is to obtain the correct driver for your device, but first you need to find the make and model device you have.

Your PC documentation or computer supplier should be able to help you with that, but you can also check as follows:

Method 1

  • Press the "Windows" (usually in the lower left corner of your keyboard, between "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys) and "R" keys to show the "Windows Run" dialog.
  • Type "dxdiag" and press the ENTER key - this will launch the DirectX Diagnostics" utility.
  • Select the "Display" tab and check the "Device" section of the dialog for your display adapter manufacturer.

Method 2

  • Start Windows File Explorer (e.g. press the "Windows" and "E" keys at the same time).
  • Right click on "This PC" and select "Manage" (click to all changes if prompted).
  • Select "Device Manager" in the left column.
  • Expand "Display Adapters" in the right column - your display adapter manufacturer listed.

Once you know which device you have, you should be able to download the driver from the maker's website.

Most likely the maker is one of the following:


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