What is the difference between the Interactive Driving Test DVD and the PC DVD-ROM versions?

The Driving Test Success Interactive DVD is a DVD-Video disc designed to be used in standalone DVD players with a TV screen.

Think of it as a regular Video-DVD disc but will some interactive features.

You can also play it back in a PC or Mac DVD drive using suitable DVD-playback software such as Windows Media Player or Mac DVD Player.  It will also work in an Xbox One/360, PlayStation 3/4 or TV DVD player.

The PC version is a DVD-ROM disc and therefore must be installed and run from a DVD drive in a Windows PC (also note this won’t run in a Mac).  It is a more comprehensive product than the Interactive version since standalone DVD players don’t have the functionality to be able to save user progress.

The Interactive DVD is the one to go for if you don't have access to a PC, if you have a Mac or if you wish to use the Driving Test Success software on a standalone DVD player with your TV screen.  Another option for users of Mac and Tablet computers is the DTS Anytime subscription.

Otherwise the PC DVD-ROM version we sell is the recommended one to buy if you have a suitable PC.

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