Freezing, crashing or screen distortion

This is most often caused by problems with the display adapter drivers installed on your Windows PC.

First, please try re-installing DirectX via the download available from:

Then, work through the following: 

  1. Check for updates from Microsoft:
    • Click “Start, Programs, Windows Update”
    • Click “Check for updates” (on the left)
    • Select to install all Critical updates and any that related to screen or video
  2. Now check if the manufacturer of your display adapter has a still later driver (the manufacturer often has later and more comprehensive drivers than are provided via Windows Update):
    • To identify your display adapter manufacturer:
      • Click the Windows “Start” button (in the lower left corner of your screen) to show the “start menu” then type the following (the cursor will be in the appropriate place) and then press ENTER: dxdiag
      • At the top of the “start menu” you should now see “dxdiag.exe” – click on this entry.
      • The “DirectX Diagnostics Tool” will start – click the “Display” tab to view details of your display and display adapter.
      • In the “Device” section (see below) you should see the “Manufacturer” that you need to check.
    • The Manufacturer is usually one of the following three, visit the appropriate page and then click the link on the page to (something like) “Check automatically for updated drivers”:

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