No sound in Hazard Perception apps

The Hazard Perception app includes sound only in the following two states:

  • While playing the introduction video after "Introduction" is selected from the main menu.
  • When reviewing a hazard perception clip, after first viewing it and touching to indicate when a developing hazard is visible in the clip.

If you have no sound in the above two states, first check that your device is note muted and that the volume is not turned to zero:

Then, if the issue persists, make sure that your iPhone/iPad isn't connected to any Bluetooth speaker - to quickly eliminate this as the cause, disable Bluetooth:

Then, if the issue persists...

Can you confirm, if you have them, whether sound works through headphones?

Please also confirm whether you hear sounds at other places in the Theory 4 in 1 app, for example:

  • beeps as you tap buttons
  • bangs as you play the Road Signs Game
  • speech during the app introduction video (accessed via the "movie camera" icon at the bottom of the THEORY TEST/HAZARD PERCEPTION/HIGHWAY CODE/ROAD SIGNS component selection screen)
  • speech as you watch the hazard perception introduction video (accessed via the "HAZARD PERCEPTION" option then tap "INTRODUCTION")

If you don't hear sound in the above cases, start the app, tap the "Settings" icon (looks like a cog gear) at the bottom of the component selection screen and then make sure that "Sound is On then tap the "<-" icon (top left corner).

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