Installation doesn't start automatically when I insert my PC-DVD into the Windows PC's DVD drive

Normally Windows is configured to automatically offer appropriate options (such as Play Videos or Install Software) a DVD when one is inserted into your PC's DVD drive - this process is known in Windows as "autoplay".

The following Driving Test Success products are Windows programs supplied on PC-DVD which need to installed onto your PC before you can use them:

  • ESS1047: Driving Test Success All Tests
  • ESS1048: The Complete Theory Test
  • ESS1027: The Complete Hazard Perception Test
  • FFB176: The Complete LGV & PCV Theory Test
  • FFB178: The Complete Motorcycle Theory Test

If Windows doesn't prompt you've inserted onto of the following disks and Windows doesn't prompt you to install software you can start the process manually as follows after noting the "Part No" on the disk and then inserting the disk into your PC's DVD drive:

  1. Start Windows File Explorer (e.g. press the "Windows" and "E" keys at the same time).
  2. Select, depending on the version of Windows you're running, "My Computer", "Computer" and "This PC" in the left column.
  3. Right click on the DVD entry and select "Autoplay" from the menu that appears and select to install software list of options then displayed.
  4. If Windows still doesn't show you an option to install software, right-click on the DVD entry again and select "Open" then double click on whichever of the following files is listed:
    • RunMe.EXE (May appear as just RunMe)
    • Autorun.EXE (May appear as just Autorun)
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