Learning Suggestions for CPC Module 2

It's important to remember that the revision materials from Driving Test Success for the Driver CPC Case Study Test are NOT the actual questions you will be asked in the official test. The DVSA do not release any of the live CPC questions, nor do they publish a revision question set. The questions in our products have been written by experts within the industry and cover the DVSA’s CPC test syllabus.

In order to fully prepare for the test and get the most out of our product we do recommend that candidates follow the steps outlined below:

  1. An introduction to the Initial Driver CPC
    Read and fully understand the introduction to the Initial Driver CPC to improve your knowledge of the Driver CPC.
  2. Read and understand the Learners guide to the Initial Driver CPC
    These documents contain the knowledge that you will be tested on - covering the whole of the DVSA syllabus for the CPC test.
  3. Read the questions
    In this section you can view all 234 sample questions and answers along with the explanations to the question. Before moving on to the next stage we recommend you read all the questions and have a full understanding of the explanations given.
  4. Randomised practise sessions
    Once you have read all the above supporting materials, you can sit unlimited randomised case study practise sessions.
  5. Mock Tests
    Only once you have completed all the above steps, and have a full understanding of the module and the questions, should you then proceed to the mock tests.

We do advise students not to book their test until they have read and thoroughly understood Sections One, Two and Three of the Learners Guide to Initial CPC as well as the Highway Code. In addition students should be achieving a high pass rate for a minimum of six consecutive mock tests with at least 5 minutes remaining.

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve our products. Based on this we have recently added additional resources to the Module 2 training to help students prepare for their professional licence. These include 40 minutes of brand new video footage that will cover:

  • Drivers’ hours
  • Use of the tachograph
  • Walk around checks
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