Accessing different components of Car+Bike 4in1 app

The Android and Apple "Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit + Hazard Perception" app includes multiple components which you can select using the following menu screen when you launch the app:


Tap one of the buttons to access the associated component, e.g. tap "HAZARD PERCEPTION" to start practicing hazard perception.

To return to the above menu screen and access another component, complete any test or process you may have started within the current component and then tap the "X" in the top right corner (which is highlighted by a ping box on the following screenshots, the pick box isn't present in the actual app):






Alternatively, close and restart the app as follows:

  • Apple: Double tap "Home", then swipe the 4in1 app up and off the screen to close the app. Next restart the 4in1 app from the home screen icon
  • Android: Swipe up from the bottom to show the Android system buttons (TRIANGLE, CIRCLE and SQUARE) if they aren't already visible, tap the SQUARE (Recent Apps) button, swipe the 4in1 app off the screen. The restart the app
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    App not working after changing phone. I installed
    the app in my previous phone paid £4.99 now is not working on my new phone

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