Hazard Perception apps show only black screen in place of videos or "Failed to play video to image" error message

The apps which include the Hazard Perception function need to download additional content (the videos and Road Sign images) after the initial download - this is in a "OBB" file which is ultimately stored in the /Android/obb folder named for the app.

When this additional file is download depends on your version of Android:

  • Later versions of Android download the additional file immediately after the application and show this action in the pull down notification bar or in the Google Play app
  • Earlier versions of Android download the additional file when the app is first started and show the following black screen with white text reading "Downloading Additional Files" with a % that increases:

If that additional content isn't downloaded then the following issues may occur:

  • you only get a black screen or "Failed to play video to image, could not get video width or height" error message when attempting to play a hazard perception video.
  • images are missing from the road sign app

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and check whether that additional content is completely downloaded when you then first restart the app.

This additional content is quite large - we recommend downloading via a WiFi link to a stable landline Internet connection so that you are less likely to incur data download charges or to lose connection during the download process.

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