My download link is no longer working?!

The system we use to deliver our digital products was changed on 12th January 2016 (2pm), from to

If you purchased your digital download from our shop prior to this date and have been unable to download the software then you will need to contact us to obtain a new download link.

Existing links are bouncing to the homepage of our OLD digital product partner please:

Contact us noting your order number and email address. We will respond with a replacement download link for your software. 

If you purchased on or after 12th January 2016, then your download link will expire either when 7 attempts have been made to download each file or six months have elapsed since the order was placed - if you need access to your downloads after this, please:

Contact us noting your order number and email address taking care to explain you need access your downloads again.

Please then keep copies of the downloaded files in case you need them again later.

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