I have a Windows PC DVD but my PC has no internal DVD drive

Our Windows PC-DVDs use copy protection functions which need the disk in an internal DVD drive when run, otherwise an error indicating a Counterfeit or Virtual DVD is detected occurs.

We offer alternative products which do not require a physical DVD drive within the Windows PC, these include:

Windows Downloadable Programs

Please note that the Hazard Perception download alone is almost 2GB, if your Internet connection has download limits check whether you will incur a charge for downloading a file of this size.

Online (Cloud based) Subscription Service: DTS-Anytime

These include both Theory and Hazard Perception as well as a copy of the official Highway Code:

Accessed through a modern web browser (supporting HTML5, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox), the above online subscriptions also work on Smartphones, Tablets or Apple Macs but require a live Internet connection at all times (mobile data charges may apply, particularly for streamed hazard perception video content).

Access is based on a subscription period, but during that period the online service can be accessed from different devices so might be the best option if you want to use the same service from several types of devices.

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