Problems when inserting the disc

If the "Part No" on your DVD disk (or on the spine of the box in which the DVD was supplied) reads "DVD" followed by three digits then the Driving Test Success Interactive DVD is a DVD-Video disc designed to be used in standalone DVD players with a TV screen.  Think of it as a regular Video-DVD disc but will some interactive features.

The disk will also play on Xbox One/360, PlayStation 3/4 and (presuming suitable DVD player software is installed) Windows or Mac computers.

If you are having problems running the disc in a PC or Mac make sure you are inserting the disc into the DVD drive in the computer - it can't be read from a CD drive. You need to use suitable DVD playback software on your computer to play the disc just as you would with a movie on a DVD-Video disc.

Note: Windows 8 and later don't ship with a DVD movie player application, you need to install one.  There are many chargeable DVD media player applications available and several free alternatively.  Without any implied warranty, free Media Players available for Windows include:

  • VLC Media Player - it can be downloaded from here
  • 5k Player - it can be downloaded from here

Failing this, try it in your regular standalone DVD player in use with your TV - this will help verify if the disc is faulty or not. If it works in your standalone DVD player but not in your DVD drive in your PC, a firmware update for the PC's DVD drive is a possible fix.

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