Apps don't download from AppStore, stick "Waiting" and are dulled out

We (Focus Multimedia) don't control the downloading of apps, Apple control the app download process through a combination of their servers and the AppStore/iTunes apps.

Without any implied warranty from Focus Multimedia, Googling for this issue yields a few suggestions you may wish to:

    Take care over the “Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings” recommendations – seems you’ll need to redefine all your preferences if you do that!
    • Including: Open iTunes and go to iTunes Store under Store along the left menu bar. (Don't use the App Store app on your device that shows stuck installing.) Search for, and download the app to iTunes. You -will be able to install it from the Apps list after that.
    • Including: go into your settings, general, usage and choose [TheApp]. from there you can delete the app then go and re-install it.
    • Including: Go into the app store on your iphone, search the app, and you will find that it is waiting to be downloaded. Has that cloud with a downward arrrow- touch to download on your phone. Let it install, then you can go back on your homescreens
    • Including:
      1. go to the app store
      2. go to the updates section (at the bottom right corner)
      3. find that stuck waiting apps there.
      4. you will see a "stop logo with a circle around it". press it. the logo will change to "update"
      5. do the same for all those apps that are stuck waiting.
      6. exit and return to home
      7. you will see the app is now active. Now press-hold it for a while. All apps start shaking.
      8. delete the app.
      9. reinstall it from app store
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