How can I retrieve a lost password?

If you can't remember your DTS-Anytime account password, or the site reports what you entered is incorrect:

  1. Go to the "Forgot Password" page:
  2. Enter your account email address
  3. Either:
    • Click the "Send Reminder" button - when you set a password you're invited to optionally set a reminder phrase which would remind you want your password is without actually being your password (e.g. if your password was "Benji1943" your reminder by be "first pet and grandad's birth year"). Click "Send Reminder" to have your reminder phrase emailed to you
    • Click the "Reset Password" button to have the site assign a temporary random password to your account which it will then send to you in an email so that you can log in using the temporary password before setting a new password of your own choice at
  4. Wait for an email and use the information provided within it to login at
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