What devices can I use DTS-Anytime with?

DTS-Anytime is a cloud based training environment accessed through a web browser.

Depending on where you are and how you want to learn, Driving Test Success Anytime can be accessed via a range of devices including PC, laptop, netbook, Mac, smartphone or tablet (though screen size might make interaction with the system difficult on a phone).

However, owing to differences in performance and implementation of the HTML5 standard, not all features can be guaranteed to work on all permutations of hardware, operating system and browser.

We recommend you use the latest version of your web browser for maximum compatiblity with your subscription.

There are different DTS-Anytime six month subscriptions available for:

If you want to check the system out before committing, a brief free trial is available if you sign-up at so that you can confirm you can successfully access and interact with both the Theory and Hazard Perception portions of the DTS-Anytime package.

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