How do I enable the voice-over function in DTS-Anytime?

The Theory Test portion of a subscription includes a "voice-over" function which can read the question and answers to you.

To enable (or disable) this function login to and start a Theory Test then click the "Sound" button in the lower right corner - highlighted by a red rectangle in the following:

Desktop Browser:

Mobile Browser:


When "sound" is enabled the question and each answer will be read aloud once automatically.  To hear the question or any answer again, click on the question/answer text.

To select the language (English, Arabic, Polish, Punjabi or Urdu) for the voice-over function:

  1. If using a mobile device, touch the three horizontal bar "menu" button in the upper right corner:
  2. Click/Touch "My Account" and then "Personal Details" as shown highlighted below.
  3. Scroll the page to find the "Voiceover" setting and click/touch it to see alternatives, click the required language to select it and then click the "Update" button:
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