How can we help you prepare for your driving theory test?

We offer several products and services to help people prepare for their GB/NI Theory and Hazard Perception tests:

Be aware that the DVSA don't publish the "actual" pool of questions from which those that you'll see in your actual test are drawn.  Instead they publish (and we licence for inclusion in all our paid for products) a similar set of "revision" theory test questions - the principle is that if you understand why an answer to a "revision" question is correct you'll be able to apply that understanding to the similar questions you'll see in the "actual" test to correctly select the right answer.  It is therefore essential to understand why an answer is correct and not try to simply remember specific answers to specific questions.  Take time to read and understand the "explanations" available for each question since your apps include "revision" questions licensed from the DVSA so it's important you understand why an answer is correct (and not just that, for example, answer "B" is correct for question 12) so that you can then apply that understanding to the similar (but not identical) questions you'll see in the real test to know the correct answer.

The DVSA have rationalised the number of questions included in their various "revision" question banks, to produce a smaller list of questions which each only have one correct answer - if you see products from other suppliers that include more questions or questions that ask you to select more than one correct answer from the options presented then they are likely using out of date questions.

As of August 2019, the number of questions in the various DVSA sourced "revision" question banks are as follows:

  • GB Car learners: 721 questions (previously 773 questions)
  • NI Car learners: 715 questions (previously 763 questions)
  • GB Motorcycle learners: 734 questions
  • NI Motorcycle learners: 722 questions
  • GB LGV learners (Module 1a): 916 questions
  • NI LGV learners (Module 1a): 899 questions
  • GB PCV learners (Module 1a): 847 questions
  • NI PCV learners (Module 1a): 834 questions
  • GB ADI learners: 779 questions
  • NI ADI learners: 774 questions

We also offer some free advice and suggestions through various web resources:

If you purchase one of our 4in1 Android/Apple apps...

We'd suggest you work through all the questions in the Theory Test.  If you use the "Practice" option you can chose to see 10/20/30/40/50 questions at a time (depending on you feel) and select to see "Questions not previously seen".  

Progress to taking repeated mock tests, ultimately concentrating on questions "previously answered incorrectly" until you're repeatedly and easily passing these mock tests and understanding why the answers you're selecting are correct (not just remembering which answer to select for each question).

Take care when you see questions about stopping/braking/thinking distance as they aren't the same - read the question carefully to be sure which specific distance you're being asked about.  Do remember that our free apps do NOT include all the DVSA revision questions - only the apps you have to buy include all those revision questions.

The following articles provide some advice about the Hazard Perception portion of the test:

The Highway Code section of your app allows you to read through the HWC and to mark those sections that you're read and understand (by touching the section marker, so it changes to green colour) - you can do this gradually until you've read the whole guide and ticked off all the sections.

The Road Signs section provides quiz and game options, which you can use to break up your study a bit.

Finding a Driving Instructor in the UK

Try the following web-page:

Booking your actual Driving Theory Test

When you feel ready to take your actual driving test, you can start the booking process through the appropriate link (depending on whether you're in Great Britain or Northern Ireland):

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