Can I download and install an Apple app I've purchased without having to pay again?

Yes, so long as all the following conditions are met:

  • You're logged into the Apple AppStore with the same Apple ID (email address) as was used to purchase the app
  • You're attempting to download and install the same already purchased app
  • The app remains available in the Apple AppStore

Our Apple iPhone and iPad apps allow "Family Sharing".

If you try to install another app or aren't using the same Apple ID you'll correctly be prompted to pay.

To install an app you've already purchased onto a new device (or reinstall it onto a device you've uninstalled it from since purchasing it):

  1. Start the AppStore app:
  2. If you're running iOS11:
    • Touch your AppleID avatar (usually in the upper right corner, highlighted in red in the following image):
    • Touch "Purchased" (highlighted in red on the following image):
  3. If you're running an earlier version of iOS:
    • Touch "Purchased":
  4. Touch "Not on this iPhone/iPad":
  5. Find the app in the list, then touch the cloud icon to download and install it onto the current iPhone/iPad.
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