Download Remote Help Utility (TeamViewer - PC or Mac)

Click the appropriate link below, depending on which type of PC you're using:

The TeamViewer utility will then display an ID and password (the password changes each time you restart the program, so only someone who knows the current password and ID can connect to your PC).

Close or minimize any windows or programs showing private information then leave the TeamViewer program running and relay the displayed ID and current password to the Focus Multimedia technician either over the telephone or in an email.  We will connect ASAP (Monday to Thursday 09:30 to 17:00 and Friday 09:30 to 15:00 - excluding public (England) holidays and company holidays.

You can either stay on the phone with us whilst we work on your machine or you can hang up and sit back and watch us.

When we have finished we will disconnect from your computer. You will get a message stating that we have disconnected.

Once we have disconnected we will NO LONGER be able to re-connect without you running the program again and you providing us with a new password.

Once we have disconnected we will NO LONGER be able to see your screen or access your computer.


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