Black/Blank screen for hazard perception videos

This issue can occur if you have both NVIDIA and INTEL GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) installed and are running NVIDIA Optimus

We have seen problems in the past caused by NVIDIA Optimus’s handling of the Microsoft DirectShow video renderer (VMR9) that the software uses for video playback.

Try the following:

  1. Exit Theory/Hazard Perception/Practical (if it is running).
  2. Right-click on your windows desktop
  3. Select "NVIDIA Control Panel" on the pop-up menu (NVIDIA Control Panel should also be on the "Start" menu too)
  4. In NVIDIA Control Panel, select "Manage 3D Settings" from the option in the left-hand panel (you may need to expand the "3D Settings" item if it is collapsed)
  5. In the right hand panel, select the "Program Settings" tab
  6. Under "1. Select a program to customise", Select Driving Test Success – Theory in the drop down box. If it is not present, then you’ll have to click on the Add button to select it.
  7. Under "2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program", select "Integrated Graphics" in the drop down box.
  8. Click on the Apply button to save the settings change.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for Hazard Perception/Practical (if applicable)
  10. Re-open Theory/Hazard Perception/Practical and the problem should be solved.


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