How do I distribute subscriptions to my pupils?

There are two types of DTS-Anytime reseller accounts:

  • Partners
    Who pay a monthly fee - see for more details.
  • Bulk Subscription purchasers
    Who purchase a set number of subscriptions to distribute to their pupils

The process you should follow to distribute subscriptions to your pupils is:

  • Visit
  • Login
  • Click "Bulk Subscriptions" (on the left)

The screen that then appears and the continuing process depends on your reseller type but ultimately an email is sent to your pupil including instructions on how to activate their account and access the subscription:


  • The screen displayed will look similar to that shown below, though the specific subscription options shown may be different.
    Click the check box in the upper right corner of each type of subscription you want to assign to the pupil (e.g. Car GB):
  • Enter your pupil's email address and click "Check email"
  • If pupil doesn't already have an account at, you will see a message about creating the user and will be asked for additional information to create their user record (name etc):
    • Complete (or edit) the form then displayed for the message to be sent to your pupil - at least set the pupil's Forename and Surname:
  • If the pupil already has an account at, the system tells you user already exists in a green box, and no additional questions are asked to create the user account:
    • You can still enter additional email addresses into the "Bcc" field and to edit the message text sent to the pupil:
  • Click the "Send Subscription" button

Partners can access both the "Partner subscriptions" (above) and "Bulk Subscriptions" (below) methods by selecting the appropriate heading.

Bulk Subscription purchasers

  • The screen displayed will look similar to that shown below:
  • Select "Show unsent" to show only subscriptions you haven't yet sent to a pupil.
    If you have no such subscriptions you can:
    • Add more via the "Redeem Voucher" or "Add Subscriptions" buttons
    • Consider switching to the "Partner" program - see for more details
  • Find the right kind of sub in the list, or use the filter option to limit by keyword (e.g. Car)
  • Click on “Send” against one of the subs in the list
  • Fill in recipient email, name and complete a personal message


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