I have a Groupon voucher code for a Driving Test Success product, how do I redeem it?

Groupon vouchers for Driving Test Success products are redeemable during the purchase process at

Recent Groupon offers can be redeemed as follows:

Browse to find the product your Groupon voucher relates to then...

  1. Browse to, depending on the product for which you've purchased a groupon voucher:
  2. Select the appropriate variant, e.g. "Vehicle Type & Location".
  3. Click on "Add to Cart".
  4. Confirm your cart includes the appropriate products, don't worry that there is a price indicated as this will be removed by a later step.
  5. Click the "Checkout" button
  6. Enter your own details into the left side of the form, do not click the "Checkout with PayPal" button.
  7. Note: The email address you enter will be used to create an account on and the subscription you selected earlier will be associated with this account.  Please enter the email address of the person that will be using the subscription, if that isn't you.
  8. Enter your Groupon voucher code into the "Gift Voucher? Enter Your Code Here" box on the right and click the "Apply" next to the box - the price should reduce to zero.
  9. Click on "Continue to payment method" and complete the "purchase" process without no additional payment.

You will shortly receive several emails, at the email address entered:

  • Confirming the transaction on
  • If the email address you entered doesn't already have an account on, you will also receive an email including a link for you to click to activate your account on and set a password

Thereafter the person that wants to prepare for their Driving Theory test should simply go to the DTS Anytime website and login.

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